Welcome to the World Famous Percy’s, an exciting Shropshire Cafe Bar and Music Venue,  based at The Star Hotel, Watergate St, Whitchurch, Shropshire. There is no other cafe bar like this on the planet! We also buy and sell antiques.

CAFE         Here at Percy’s Cafe Bar we pride ourselves in serving you the finest Coffee and Drinks while you sit and relax in a friendly and quirky environment.

Percy’s Cafe Bar is a place of no particular style and the zany interior decor changes frequently. On permanent display we  have a Silver Age Jukebox playing music from all eras – our favourite item for the children, a Moose Head (pictured in the Gallery section), Funeral Parlour items and much much more. You can chill out on theatre seats dating from 1910, Aircraft Seats, sit on industrial stools or even an original Dentists Chair, if you dare.  The panoramic photo shows 180 degree view of our Tiger Room  which houses 2 full taxidermied Tigers dating from 1863. The Tigers are amongst the oldest examples in the World. Percy’s are proud to support the WWF to protect 5 endangered animals including Bengal Tigers and are members of the North West Zoological Society                                                                                                                                                          15817729_10155493992095021_1114415223_o

IMG_2981 IMG_2970



We are also a Fully Licensed Award Winning  LIVE MUSIC venue with bands from around the world attending our venue . We have full night club lighting, sound, lasers, smoke and much more. We sell Beers, Wines, Ciders and selected Spirits. We have our very own legendary 8.4% Suicider (still apple cider) and drinks that are exclusive to ourselves, and on weekends we party until the early hours. We sell ice cold Jagermeister and Red Stripe Beer in tins along with shots that can be selected by the spin of a wheel and magnetic darts. Those who are tempted by something a little stronger may try a shot of Poteen (180% proof), Goslings Black Seal Rum (151% proof) or sample one of over 20 Absinthes including our own, made by us in partnership with La Fee, France Absinthe Oeil de Dave (Daves Eye Absinthe) which contains a prosthetic eye belonging to our patron and friend….Dave!

We cater for all events both day and night and we have  full PA systems and DJ stands inside and out and a covered stage to cater for live bands. Our garden is also covered and our DJ’s play from an ornate Victorian gothic pulpit high above the crowd. We have regular Live Music  Nights playing all music genres along with  themed events, and we have an underground music scene attracting guests from around the World

We encourage up and coming bands to check us out and play on our exclusive stage which has an original 12′ illuminated church window, original fairground artwork, a Victorian coffin, an original 1930’s fairground waltzer/ skid car and even huge log burners for when the nights are a little cooler.

Our place is available for any themed or private events and we cater for any music genre, dress or lifestyle …………..in fact the the stranger the better….because it’s more fun!

So far we have had Rock, 60’s, 70’s, and 90,s Rave, Goth and Fetish, Zombie Pirates, Cowboys, Mad Hatters Tea Party, Game of Thrones, Sci Fi themes and many more so the list is endless


We are no longer trading antiques from this location but we still have items for sale. Check out WANTS page we are buying macabre and unusual items.

 We are pleased to offer a no obligation quote on single items for sale and will provide a complete house clearance service too.  All purchases are confidential and sympathy is paramount in the case of bereaved estates.

As previously stated we are not trading from Percy’s but we have lots to see while you relax and have a beer or a coffee

We can acquire most antique items if requested so please let us know what you want. IMG_2987

Percy’s has a great bunch of fans on Facebook and Instagram so be like them and follow us for the latest news and events.


We have been requested on a number of occasions to allow photo and video shoots at our venue. These can be arranged through ourselves and all genres are welcome. Privacy and discretion will be assured.

We would like to thank the following Professional Photographers who have visited our venue and allowed us to use their images, C Bowley Photography, Simon Dunkerley (SD_Photography), John Denton (Denton Photography), Nicki Vinall (Nicki Vinall Photography), Tracey Swain (TnT Photoart) Derren Poole (Derren Lee Poole Photography)


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