Band and Gig Contact

We have a large number of bands and musicians both from the UK and from Overseas who contact us in relation to Gig Bookings. We are a small venue, 100 max capacity and do not charge an entry fee. Our live music nights are Friday and Saturday and in most cases we run until midnight, albeit other nights are an option . We have in house sound equipment to cater for most events and some back line band equipment. We generally support independent music and rarely show full cover acts. Please forward all messages to Percy’s Cafe Bar Facebook message page, where both the venue and our sound engineers and band booker’s  have access. Please leave full band profiles and access to music/video performances if appropriate. In order to organize events we need to know general band requirements in relation to equipment/ instrument sharing/costs to us. We also require accurate set lengths to determine the number of bands that we can accommodate in one show and in some cases the type of performance in order to ascertain the age level/restriction of the audience.

We apologize to any bands who we fail to return messages to, we always have more enquiries than we can cater for.

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